SvS Ext Unlock RCP Feats

Technical Information


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Mod-ID: 2538334306

IDs of Feat-Tables: 6765XXX - 6769XXX


Requires Shadows of Skelos - Extended to be installed.

Mod is delivered "uncompressed" (Updates have the size of the delta changes)

Mod Load Order:

  • Shadows of Skelos Vol. 2 (=SvS2)
  • Shadows of Skelos Extended (=SvS-Ext)
  • SvS Ext Unlock RCP Feats


With this mod you will unlock all feats, that can originally only be enabled with an admin-spawned recipe (all those which are having the abbreviation "rcp." in the item name.).

NOT unlocked and still admin-spawn-only are the following feats:

  • SvS-Ext Mage
  • SvS-Ext Wizard
  • SvS-Ext Cobwebs
  • SvS-Ext Elemental
  • SvS-Ext Bloody Messages (Floor & Wall)

Feat Costs:

All basic feats will costs 1 Feat Point. All religion feats costs 3 Feat Points. If a feat has another feat as prerequisite feat (e.g. SvS-Ext Armour Smith needs SvS-Ext Smith as prerequisite) it will also cost 3 Feat Points.

If you got SvS Vol. 2 as well installed, all prerequisites are met with this addon-mod as well to learn the corresponding SvS Vol. 2 recipes.
The Blood-Feats cost 2 feat points each.

Changes to SvS-Ext feats:

  • SvS-Ext Animal Tamer has the following Sub-Feats:
    • SvS-Ext Avian
    • SvS-Ext Cats and Dogs
    • SvS-Ext Cattle
    • SvS-Ext Horse
  • SvS-Ext Smith has the following Sub-Feats:
    • SvS-Ext Armor Smith
    • SvS-Ext Weapon Smith
    • SvS-Ext Keymaker
  • SvS-Ext Stonemason has the following Sub-Feats:
    • SvS-Ext Gravedigger
    • SvS-Ext Statuemaker
    • SvS-Ext Fountain Creator
  • SvS-Ext Human Slaughterer has the following Sub-Feats:
    • SvS-Ext Animal Slaughterer
    • SvS-Ext Skull Artist
  • SvS-Ext Tailor has the following Sub-Feats:
    • SvS-Ext Tent Maker