Patch Notes SvS Vol.2 v1.3.3

Patch Notes for SvS Vol.2 v1.3.3



  • FIX: Icons re-uploaded with correct sizes, now -> 128x128
  • FIX: Fire salamander recipe now requires an egg instead of a honey egg. Also fixed a typo.
  • FIX: Fixed DISCARD bug for floating items


  • CHANGE: Swamp Trees and Caves should no longer be able to be taken back into inventory (dirty little hack), they should also no longer take damage from regular sources and should not rot. The "Return to Inventory" button is still visible in the radial menu, but it will only trigger a notification that resummoning is disabled.
  • CHANGE: Admin chests no longer expire, their contents are no longer dropped when destroyed, they should not take damage from regular sources, and you can place other items on them
  • CHANGE: Master Shrines no longer expire, should not take damage from regular sources
  • CHANGE: Swamp Trees, Caves and Master Shrines now have 20 million HP (just in case)

NEW stuff:

  • NEW: Feat Remover (only needed for the upcoming AddOn Mod "SvS2 - Permanent Recipes")

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