Patch Notes SvS Extended v1.5.2

Patch Notes for SvS Extended v1.5.2

Bugfixes, misfired spells from Professions mod shouldn't instantly destroy items changed in this patch any longer.


  • FIX: Exchange icons from spiders, animals (except snakes) to 128x128 versions, uploaded 512x512 versions


  • CHANGE: corrected recipe of swan goose to fit to chicken recipe
  • CHANGE: gave all admin spawn only items an repair material if the item was a building item
  • CHANGE: applied return-to-inventy "hack" to the volcanic forge, frost temple forge, small maproom -> The "return to inventory" button will be still visible in the radial menu but it will just trigger a notification that it is disabled.
  • CHANGE: Admin Coffins do not decay any longer, contents won't be dropped if destroyed, shouldn't take damage from regular sources
  • CHANGE: Weather Boxes shouldn't decay nor take damage from regular sources, HP increased to 20 Mio

NEW Stuff:

  • NEW: CleanUp Tool from SvS2, see Manual for usage!

Report any bugs you find to me via Discord: