SvS2 - Permanent Recipes

Technical Information


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Mod-ID: 2602696213

IDs of Feat-Table: 6860000 - 6864999


Requires Shadows of Skelos - Vol. 2.

Mod is delivered as "uncompressed" (updates have the size of the delta change only).

This mod needs an update only when new feats are implemented (or prepared feats are unlocked).

Recipes for feats not yet used are already included in this mod, but hidden and marked as "not yet implemented" (just in case you stumble across them).


Crim for t he great icons!

Mod Load Order:

  • Shadows of Skelos Vol. 2 (=SvS2)
  • SvS2 - Permanent Recipes

You need to place this mod under Shadows of Skelos Vol. 2 (preferably also under Shadows of Skelos Extended if you use it).


With this mod SvS2 becomes independent from SvS Extended!

What does the mod do exactly?

  • It gives you recipes to learn Shadows of Skelos 2 feats. The recipes are for admin spawn only.
  • Shadows of Skelos Extended feats are no longer a requirement for crafting items from SvS2.
  • All items can be crafted in the SvS2 Master Workstation.
  • SvS2 feats are hidden by default (with the exception of the Sort feat). Feats are displayed once the corresponding recipe has taught you the feat in question.
  • Feats once learned are permanent. To remove them, use the SvS2 Feat Remover Tool.