October review: New mod, old patch hints and many new screenshots!

Review of October

  • On October 3rd the new AddOn Mod for SvS Vol. 2 was released: SvS2 - Permanent Recipes. With this AddOn Mod SvS Vol.2 finally becomes independent from Shadows of Skelos - Extended! You can control who can learn which feats with recipe books - or not, just like you are used to from Shadows of Skelos - Extended. More information about the mod can be found in the menu under "More Mods" -> "SvS2 - Permanent Recipes".
  • On October 21st the big patch 2.6 was released by Funcom. SvS Ext. was updated to v1.5.3, SvS Vol. 2 was updated to v.1.3.4 - You can find the patch notes in the menu under "SvS Mods" -> "Patch Notes SvS. Ext" or "Patch Notes SvS2".
  • The players of the RP server "Shadows of Skelos" have plunged into many adventures again. You can find some of the impressions in the gallery under "Schatten von Skelos - Server" (NEW: pictures 37-49)