Askenderu Oriental Mod


Mod ID: 2601243134

Item-, Recipe- and Feat-Table range from 6560000 - 6561000

This is an official server mod for the german speaking roleplay server Askenderu.


This mod contains 146 items in total. All items are admin-spawn only be default. Admins can search for them using their suffix "[ASK]".

How to learn the feats?

You need to use one of the following Askenderu Feat Token.

You can find the 6 token to learn the feats in the "Other" section of the admin spawn menu.

+ Token Eastern Buildings [ASK]

+ Token Stygian Buildings [ASK]

+ Token Eastern Decoratioin [ASK]

+ Token Eastern Caarpets [ASK]

+ Token Eastern Cushions [ASK]

+ Token Desert Plants [ASK]


You need to learn the "Askenderu Oriental Mod: Sort Feat" for 0 Feat points first. This feat is empty by default and only necessary to help keeping all Askenderu Oriental Mod-Feats together. If you create a new character, the sort feat will be already learned.

All items can be crafted within your inventory. No extra workbench is needed.

List of Feats and their content

Listed items contain one or more color variations! All items are placeables.

Feats: Eastern Buildings & Stygian Buildings

Feat contents are identical to each other except color.

+ 8x pre-build buildings (*)

+ 1x stairs

+ 1x well (acts like a vanilla well)

+ 4x walls & fences

Feat: Eastern Decoration

+ 3x barrel

+ 6x baskets

+ 2x basket lid

+ 11x bowers of different types (with cloths, no decoration, palm leaves)

+ 3x wheel

+ 3x table

+ 1x pan

+ 2x metal plate

+ 1x ladle

+ 1x metal jug

+ 1x metal can

+ 1x metal tea can

+ 1x metal vase

+ 1x metal bowl

+ 2x ceramic bowls

+ 8x ceramics

+ 3x ladder

+ 3x chests

+ 3x wooden planks

Feat: Eastern Cushions

+ 8x big cushions

+ 8x cushions

Feat: Eastern Carpets

+ 10x carpets (lying flat, big & small versions)

+ 6x hanging carpets (big & small versions)

+ 8x drooping carpets (big & small versions)

Feat: Desert plants:

+ 1x cypres

+ 3x palms (different sizes)

+ 1x desert bush

+ 1x desert plant

(*) Some words about the buildings:

1) The buildings can not be returned to inventory. The button is still visible, but without function. You'll receive a message if you try. This helps to avoid decorated buildings being returned to your inventory with all your decoration. No more screams! :)

2) Doors are custom made. They can not be locked. There are invisible trigger boxes, so once a player enters the trigger box, the door will open (or close). The state of the doors will be saved on server-restart or server-shutdown, and loaded when the server starts. The trigger will fire once you enter the box. If you leave it and enter anew, the door might close again before you're in. That event is synchronized with the server. Any lag experienced might be due to client <-> server lag and out of my scope to do anything about it.

3) Doors ignore ownership. Everyone can enter the buildings.

4) The building walls do act as a normal wall, means: you can decorate it with any wall placeable. AS the walls are not strictly even things might be a bit difficult to place or it's not possible at all. As the wall-recognition is ♥♥♥♥♥ (it's a placeable after all!) it's the best I can come up with at the moment. Don't bother me when something is NOT placeable at the walls at a certain spot.

5) Doors are huge. Scaling had to be made in the way it is done right now, else the player avatar wouldn't be able to climb up the ladders inside of the buildings (space was too small) nor would be able to climp up through the hatch on the roof top.

6) Minarett Door won't open. It is not designed to be functional. I can not change that. But you can walk on the balcony ... if you can get there.

Credits & Sources

+ Server "Askenderu"

+ Assets used are from ALPER ISLER: Middle Eastern Town:…d4d9e4c2f91930b2bc1a1d195

+ Mod Logo was created by Kargah | Kaan (Asghar)