Patch Notes SvS Extended v.1.6.0

Patch Notes for SvS Extended v1.6.0


Compatibility for Funcom Patch 2.8, new Feat Xotli, containing tendrils and aztec-themed decorations


  • nothing


  • CHANGE: Feat & recipe icons are re-worked (thx to Crim for his awesome icons, originally provided by him for the AddOn Mod SvS2 Perm. Recipes)
  • CHANGE: Light radius of Column with Fire Bowl & Fire Bowl

NEW Stuff:

  • NEW FEAT SvS-Ext Xotli -> learned by "Rcp. for pleasing Xotli" (Admin section "Other")

NEW Items:

All items are for the Xotli Feat

  • 2x Tendril Cluster (SAW)
  • 6x Large Tendrils (SAW)
  • 10x Small Tendrils (SAW)
  • 1x Altar of Xotli (Deco) (SAW) (70 color combinations)
  • 1x Altar of Xotli (Workbench)
  • 1x Rcp. for pleasing Xotli

Each tendril can be placed on wall, ceiling and ground and comes in three sizes and 8 color options.

!! Use Tendril Clusters responsible (high number placed might cause lag)!!

Note about color options: There appears to be a duplicate of color options, but this is not true. The first two organic/meat colors wiggle. The second two organic/meat colors do not wiggle.

  • There are no individual icons for the following new things:
  • 3x Pillars (1F & 2F) for Xotli Feat (building parts)
  • 3x Pillars (1F & 2F) as decoration
  • 1x Simple Altar
  • 1x Altar Side
  • 1x Altar Plate
  • 1x Altar Stairs
  • 1x Altar Plate & Stairs
  • 1x Throne Stairs
  • 1x Throne (usable)
  • 2x Wrapping Floors
  • 2x Wrapping Walls
  • 1x Wrapping Roof
  • 4x Wall Pseudo Pillar (1F & 2F) (snapping & normal version)
  • 1x Torch (Wall)
  • 1x Coal Basin
  • 1x Stonecalender (Wall)
  • 1x Hieroglypth Stone (Wall)
  • 1x Mythical Head (Wall) (snapping & waterfall version)
  • 1x Half-Column (Wall) (1F & 2F)
  • 4x Picture Wall (1F,2F) (wall & stand-alone version)
  • 1x Stone Cube


1F = 1 Foundation Heigth

2F = 2 Foundation Heigth

Wrapped Floors/Walls/Roof -> Decoration which will snap over building parts (e.g. Sandstone) to make them look different. Some parts don't really go well with other similar parts, don't hold it against me. But it might be nice to use them at least for some areas as Deco. Use this responsibly. !! Build first, decorate with wrapping parts second! !!

Do not use wrapping parts for huge buildings, only for single (small) rooms. They're placeables! Putting things on them and removing the wrapping parts can remove the objects placed above!


My thanks goes to

  • Crim for his awesome icons (finally put them in SvS Extended too!)
  • Eve for support me with the tendril icons, thank you very much!

Report every bugs you may find via Discord: