Funcom Patch 2.8 & Updates

Last week, Funcomo Patch 2.8 was released on Jan. 27, 2022 Accordingly, there were updates for

  • Shadows of Skelos - Extended
  • Shadows of Skelos - Vol. 2
  • SvS Ext Unlock Rcp Feats
  • SvS Ext Permanent Feats
  • Askenderu Oriential Mod

In Shadows of Skelos - Extended, a new Feat was added with Patch 1.6.0: SvS-Ext Xotli
In this Feat you will find mostly new decorations that include tentacles or are inspired by the Aztecs. Also new there are the wrapped items, with which you can mask or wrap components. Please use this sparingly (do not line skyscrapers or entire castles with them - your server admin will thank you).

In addition, the feat and recipe icons have been reworked to resemble the style of the SvS2 - Permanent Recicpes mod.

The Feat icons from Shadows of Skelos - Vol. 2 have also been adapted in this regard with Patch 1.3.7.

Have fun with the new content and feel free to leave your pictures in the Discord in the "Showcase-Channel" or "Screenshots-for-Steam". If you post pictures in the latter channel, I'll upload them here to the website as well. Please don't forget to add the server then.