Patch Notes SvS Extended v.1.6.1

Patch Hinweise für SvS Extended v1.6.1


Preparing compatibility for SvS Vol. 3 & some quality of life improvements and two new items


  • nothing


  • Changing the wording of "Book of Elements / Cobwebs / Magic Circles / Meditation Circles" to "Scroll of Elements / Cobwebs / Magic Circles / Meditation Circles"
  • End of support for the mod "A Maze Thing" (mod will be discontinued)
  • Wall Iron Candlesticks 01 + 02 -> blue and purple now have bluish and purple flames
  • Fluid plane (conf) - added sizes 5x5, 6x6, 7x7, 8x8 and 9x9 - the fluid plane must be placed in a corner, the rectangle will then spread in the direction of view and to the right for the new sizes
  • adapted the "Can be Placed" function for SvS items

SAWified following items (only reposition):

+ Apple

+ Candleholders (hanging from ceiling)

+ Tavern chair laying

+ Tavern Candleholders (wall)

+ Tavern Shelfs (wall)

+ Cranes 01+02

+ Metal Thorns (wall)

+ Pile of Wood 01-03

+ Liquid Flasks (all)

+ Wall Skulls

+ Statue Jhebbal Sag Podest w. Head

+ Death statues (all versions)

+ Column w. bowl (all versions)

+ Bowl w fire

+ all chains (except with skeletons)

+ Wall Iron Candlesticks

+ (I probably forgot some to mention I changed... sorry!)

NEW Items:

  • Storm Candle (Heat) - comes with quite a large heat radius, suitable for cold regions so you don't build a chimney in the landscape every 2 meters to avoid freezing to death....
  • Magic Cage - Works like a weather box, although it only creates a box with collision. You have to either place it near you to be in it, or get in it with Ghost or /Warp.

NEW DataCmd

Type in Admin Console:

DataCmd Placement_Fix status -> shows the current status of the Placement Fix

DataCmd Placement_Fix true -> set Placement Fix to be active

DataCmd Placement_Fix false -> set Placement Fix to be inactive

Default: Placement_Fix is false by default, you have to enable it as admin!

Placement_Fix turns on the placement enhancement for SvS items (e.g. to place wall items better on non-vertical surfaces, e.g. for SvS Vol. 3)

If you find any bugs, please report them directly into the Shadows of Skelos - Mod Discord: