Many thanks to all contributors and creators!

Meshes, Materials, Textures & Animations



  • Most of the waterfall- and waterplanes icons were provided by Red March/Red. Thank you very much for your support!
  • The Web-Ex icon is made from photo3idea_studio ( from Flaticon (
  • The Fog-Ex; Circle-Ex and Fluid-Ex icon are based on and all the numbers are made from Freepik ( from Flaticon (
  • Fire-Exstuingisher is taken from the icon asset pack "Spellbook. Page 03" from REXARD (e.g.…s/spellbook-page03-107957 )
  • The "Play Waterfall Sound", "Play Lavafall Sound" and "Stop Sound" icons are provided by Audacious. He also helped me with a lot of icons for SvS2 v0.1.4.
  • Icon background (also to enable/disable floating things) was provided from Discord user cvalle86 in Modders Discord free to use
  • Feat Teacher, Feat Remover & CleanUp Icons are provided by Telavor
  • Except weather box icons all icons from SvS-Ext Patches 1.5.0, 1.51, 1.6.0 and upcoming 1.6.1 are provided by Eve

Contributed Assets by other modders

  • Shupaa contributed the model of the ancient beds. He altered the Funcom model here and contributed it to SvS-Ext. Thank you for your help!
  • Terrornaut shared the Feat Teacher blueprint on modders Discord.
  • LilMissHentai distributed the WeatherStick Blueprint and ideas for "Sun of Skelos"
  • Equinox3D designed the models for the nine-tailed whip, the slave collar and the dildo + base and created the textures. Thank you very much again!

Screenshots & Videos:

  • Scott (Feat Showcase Videos)
  • Telavor (Workshop Screenshots)