Times of Support

Please note that this is an unpaid hobby project of mine. I work on the mods after work, on weekends, on holidays and on holiday to bring you new content and bug fixes. More than 2400 hours have gone into the DevKit (the development stook of the mods) alone.

  • Therefore, if you have any questions, please take 5 minutes to search the very detailed Handbuch or use the search function in the mod discord.
  • I do my best to release timely updates after a Funcom patch and fix any bugs. However, if I am otherwise occupied in RL (pursuing my gainful employment, family, etc) this is not possible. So please refrain from asking questions like "When will this mod get an update?".
  • I also need rest (sleep) and free time from time to time. So there is no claim for 24h support or anything like that.
  • I can understand your annoyance, anger, frustration when something doesn't work, but please, don't dump it on me. I am not the problem, but if you are nice, I have a solution (in most cases).
  • I try to make my mods as bug-free as I can. In most cases problems are caused by wrong handling (-> Handbuch read!), unannounced engine changes by Funcom or corrupt downloads by Steam. Please take this into account.

This may all sound pretentious now, but it's more of a silent cry for a healthy amount of sleep and more rest (> 20 min daily). I am, unfortunately to my own detriment, a perfectionist work-aholic.


Please use my mod discord for any support requests (questions, technical problems, bug reports, suggestions, criticism & praise). And please read the support times (above) beforehand.

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