Shadows of Skelos - Extended

Technical Information


Mod ID: 1705201022
IDs from Item-, Recipe- and Feat-Table: 6765XXX-6769XXX

Mod is delivered as "compressed" (updates has the same size as a new download), this ensures to stay under a critical size of 1.9 GB

No assets from Funcom are overwritten. This should ensure compatibility to every other mod.


All items are admin spawn only until you learn the feats via recipe-books, given out from an admin.

Please also read chapter 4 of the manual to see which recipe-book unlocks which feat.

  • This mod contains a total of over 1050 new items:
    • placeable animals, waterfalls, water planes, weapons, armors, statues, skulls & bones, carcasses, fire, fog, cobwebs, tombstones, tents and much, much more
    • over 30 RP tokens to use with Pippi
  • 35 new feats like e.g. stonemason, potter, animal tamer, armor smith, weapon smith and many more
  • This mod introduces
    • SAW (SvS Appearance Widget) to re-colour, re-size and re-position items after placement.
    • several weather boxes to place to change weather or day- and night-time in a configurable area of your choice.
    • 0 HP bugfix (configurable)

Add-On Mods

Other versions of this mod

There are two other versions of this mod. These are only used for testing new features and are not intended for production use.

If you would like to help test new items, feats, recipes and features before the official release and report any bugs to Senja, you can install the following mods INSTEAD of "Shadows of Skelos- Extended".