Shadows of Skelos - Vol. 2

Technical information

Workshop link:…iledetails/?id=1889798538

ModID: 1889798538

IDs for items, recipes and feats: 6860000 - 6864999

Mod Loadorder:

  • Shadows of Skelos Vol. 2 (=SvS2)
  • Shadows of Skelos Extended (=SvS-Ext)
  • AddOn Mods for SvS-Ext


Mod is delivered as "compressed" (updates have the same size as a new download), this ensures that the critical size of 1.9 GB is not exceeded

No assets from Funcom will be overwritten. This should ensure compatibility with all other mods.


All items are accessible as admins spawn only. In order to fulfil the requirement for learning the feats for this mod, the feats must be unlocked via recipe books from Shadows of Skelos - Extended. These must be made available to players by an admin, e.g. via Pippi Kits, Thespians, etc.

Please also read chapter 4 of the Manual for more information about this.

This mod contains a total of over 600 new items:

  • more animals, food, crates, fish, shelves, cats, tents, statues, treasures, loot, shamanistic and primal decoration and much more
    • many items support SAW (SvS Appearance Widget) to recolour and reposition items after placement
  • new functions:
    • Floating boats and items (these are raised to the level of the water surface after being placed on the bottom of the water, so that the item floats, additionally a "floating on the waves" animation can be activated/deactivated).
  • Shadows of Skelos - Vol. 2 works best with Shadows of Skelos - Extended.
    • allow your players to craft the items of this mod with recipe books from SvS-Ext

Other versions of this mod

There are two other versions of this mod. These are only used for testing new features and are not intended for production use.

If you would like to help test new items, feats, recipes and features before the official release and report any bugs to Senja, you can install the following mods INSTEAD of "Shadows of Skelos- Extended".