On this website you will find all information about the Conan Exiles "Shadows of Skelos - Extended" and "Shadows of Skelos Vol. 2" mods by Senja.

They are available for free and freely accessible via the Steam Workshop (for Steam users) or this website (for users of the Microsoft or Epic Store) as a download. Commercial use is prohibited.

You can also find information about the German Conan Exiles - RP server "Schatten von Skelos" here.


The "Shadows of Skelos" mods currently consist of the two main mods and 2 add-on mods.

The main mods are:

  1. Shadow of Skelos - Extended
  2. Shadows of Skelos - Vol. 2
  3. Shadows of Skelos - Vol. 3

There are two add-on mods for "Shadows of Skelos Extended":

  • SvS Ext Unlock RCP Feats
  • SvS Ext Permanent Feats

You can only use one of the two add-on mods. They are not compatible with each other.

However, they can each be used in conjunction with both Shadows of Skelos mods.

You will find a short introduction of the respective mods linked in the menu above, as well as all other mods from Senja.